Green Goo Every Where

Well for 10.5 months we had a perfectly healthy boy but all good things must come to an end I suppose. Our boy is still perfect :) But he does have is first cold which turned into an ear infection in his left ear. Along with this came a green runny nose that never stops running and green eye drainage running almost as much as his nose. Our green goo monster is in good spirits considering everyting but is not his usual self, he is very tired and a bit cranky but who wouldn’t be. Poor guy is so congested he can hardly drink from his bottle. He has to stop every other suck, remove the bottle from his mouth and huff and puff then begin again. The doctor told me to keep him from rubbing his face, especially his eyes to prevent spreading all the green goo and a causing a bacterial infection in his eye. So I ask you… “what 10 month old doesn’t touch their face? or rub their eyes when they are tired?” I’m a crazy mom running around with antibacterial wipes for his hands and saline wipes for his eyes to keep things as clean as possible. I skipped a whole week of work to stay with my little man and I’m glad I did. One more day of antibiotics and hopefully we will begin to see him feeling better.

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