Happy Birthday???

May 1st was Jackson’s 1st Birthday! His Golden Birthday! And what did we do you may ask…. Well, we had planned a ridiculously huge birthday party at the park with games and food and cake. But what did we actually do? We cancelled his party at 9:30am on Saturday (his Bday) after spending all night in the ER at Grossmont Hospital. James woke up at 3:30am with shortness of breath and chest pain!!! Ahh! After he took a dose of aspirin I drove James to the hospital where he got an EKG. To make a long story short (or as short as possible) we got to the ER at about 4:00am. He had multiple EKGs, his troponin and CPK levels were checked every 4-6hrs to check for heart muscle damage from a heart attack (if he did have a heart attack). He was on 2L nasal cannula oxygen and we spent a long long time in the hospital. The first EKG was a bit abnormal so James did stress tests on the tread mill hooked up to an EKG and had some pictures taken of his heart before and after in nuclear med to see the arteries of the heart and to see if there were any occlusions. After 12 hours in the hospital, on Jackson’s birthday we found out that James did not have a heart attack :) What a relief! There were some abnormalities in his EKG and he has chronic hypertention that has caused the left ventricle of his heart to become enlarged. So he is now on medication for high blood pressure and we are waiting to do two more tests, an MRA to look at his arteries and a Renal Doppler to look at his renal arteries to see if there is any stenosis. We still don’t have a reason as to why James had the shortness of breath and chest pain but hopefully after these two tests and an appointment with the cardiologist we will have a better understanding of what happened.
What a scary day! I am so unbelievably relieved to know that he did not have a heart attack! I won’t even go into all my craziness and emotions from that day. Not even sure I could put it into words. This event coupled with it being my first child’s first birthday only made it worse. Not that Jackson new it was his birthday. But I felt so bad that I wasn’t home when Jackson woke up. I wanted to see him so badly. But I wanted to stay with my husband in the hospital. I felt very torn and sad to missing my son’s birthday knowing that he doesn’t know Grandma Rosa well and was probably very confused as to why I wasn’t there when he woke up.
After such a long and terrible day we were all in need of some joy when we got home from the hospital. So even though it was 6:00pm, nearly Jackson’s bedtime we got out some birthday cake (one of the three we made for his party) to celebrate and let him dig in. We couldn’t have had a better ending to our day! Jackson loved his cake, diving in face first, smiling and giggling. It was so great and brought joy to all of us. What a precious and memorable moment. We were all so happy to be together and doing well. No large party necessary just family, love and cake!
Feeling sad to have missed Jackson’s birthday we decided to celebrate with a small intimate BBQ with Grandma Rosa, Grandma & Grandpa Friant, Great Grandma Dixie and cousin Gram. We busted out some appetizers orginally intended for the party, BBQ’d some pork and halibut, played in the mini ball pit (also intended for the party) and ate cake. Oh, and we even had some gifts to open. All in all a very successful party. I’ve never been to a party like this before where everyone was just so happy to be together. Even though it was a day late, it was a wonderful first birthday celebration for Jackson and us.

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