Oh hospitals, how I am tired of you.

All in the month of May…
*James’ hospitalization and scare
*Lola got a fox tail in her ear. She had to be sedated to have it removed and now has an ear infection as a result of everything. She get’s special ear cleanings twice a week and antibiotic ointment twice a day.
*Peaches was shaking all day Sunday, acting sad and tired, wouldn’t come when you called her and would not eat. Hmmm. Did this trash eating dog get into something funny. Well a trip to the vet, lab work and abdominal xrays show some suspicious stuff in the small intestine (dilated bowel). Oh, now it’s 5pm and the vet is closing. Off to Emergency Vet services to follow up. Barium swallow study? Exploratory surgery? Is what I’m left to ponder on the way to emergency services. After two nights at emergency services and a normal abdominal ultrasound Peaches is still shaky, not eating well and now limping. She has pooped and has not vomited after eating so barium study and surgery off the table. No longer concerned about an obstruction. She is showing the “classic sign” for a slipped disc in her neck. This nerve pain is causing her to be lethargic, shaky and loose her appetite. We will monitor her at home while doping her up on pain meds, muscle relaxers and steroids. If she get’s better great. If not she may have degenerative disc disease. Either way it’s 6-8wks on cage rest for her. We have to carry her outside to go to the bathroom and she is not allowed to walk, run, jump or play. This is gonna be ruff. But if we don’t stick to it she will need surgery.
*Tonight Jackson has a rash on his torso. Probably nothing. But the way things are going in this family he likely picked up something weird at the vet and will be the next one to see the doctor :)

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