Jackson Get’s In Touch With His Feminine Side

Today, as usual I locked Jackson in the bathroom with plenty of toys to play with while I took a shower. But of course these familiar and expensive toys were not very interesting when presented in the exciting world that is the bathroom. He would much rather play in the shower curtain, giggle at me while poking my thigh and get himself soaked or just try to climb into the tub head first while water sprays all over the bathroom floor.
When I was finally left alone to finish my shower in peace Jackson was so quiet and into whatever he found to play with that I didn’t dare look move the shower curtain and check on him. He’ll just want to climb in all over again! (I child proofed the bathroom a long time ago so he can play safely.) When I was finished I opened the curtain to find the most hilarious scenario I’ve ever seen! Jackson was sitting on the bathroom rug surrounded by a ring of shredded cotton squares and he was playing with a few tampons wrapped in shinny yellow plastic and panty liners wrapped in fun pink wrappers. He was so content looking at the bright colors, feeling the smooth plastic in his fingers and listening to the crackling noise of the wrappers, he was all smiles having a grand time. He was so excited about his find that he would not give them back or put them back in the cupboard so I just let him play with them. Oh, how I wish I had my camera! He even ran around the living room playing with them. Then as I began to blow dry and brush my hair he returned, tampon still in hand. He watched me brushing my hair and then he too began to brush his hair. Using the tampon as a brush! Hilarious!
Had I known what fantastic and exciting toys feminine products make I would have saved so much money and just stocked his toy box with them a long time ago :)

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