“Were you sad today?”

This evening Jackson invited me to lay down with him on the living room floor. Heads propped on a cushion, staring at the ceiling we talked about our day…
Me: “Did you have a nice day Jackson?”
Jackson: “Da da didi, du.”
Me: “Good. We did so much, we went to Grandma and Grandpa’s and we went to the park.”
Jackson: “Meeme, di di, da”
Me: “We went to the gym and you played with your friends.”
Jackson: “De da”
Me: “Did you get sad at the gym?”
Jackson: (Lower lip curled and quivered, eyes welling up with tears, looking at me.) “Aaahhh ahh ah!!!!” (Crying)
Me: “Jackson would you like a hug.” (Hugs and cuddling, everything is better now.)

Yes, Jackson got sad and missed his mommy at the gym today. I got called back to the day care before I could finish my work out. Apparently this is a touchy subject with Jackson. When James came home fourty five minutes later, I asked Jackson to tell dad about his day. We ran through a dialogue similar to that above and when I mentioned being sad at the gym he again had a complete emotional brake down. Poor guy. I felt so bad for him and hugged him again but it was at the same time just so darn funny. Who new the gym could be such a traumatic experience.

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